The art of pure volumes


Our intuition led us to using “pure” (not bonded) materials on the aluminium structure of the Artematica doors, a move which opened up endless ideas and combinations.

From the refined use of glass in every colour and finish to wood that conveys strong tactile sensations to lacquered surfaces and metal laminates, Artematica has been designed down to the last detail to make movements more fluid and more assured, to bring about a softer closure of cabinet doors and to respect the highest safety standards thanks to rounded corners and edges.

The Artematica kitchen presented at EuroCucina 2018 stands out for its new 14-cm high worktop with an integrated sink.

The new Distressed Brass finish lights up the whole arrangement while the Antalya Grey stone used for the worktop adds a touch of sophisticated elegance to it.

To enhance its functionality, the kitchen is fitted with new Logica Theca, a special equipped back section shown here in the 18 cm high version. It consists in a storage unit with a single door which, with just one touch of the hand, opens automatically and noiselessly thanks to a brilliant mechanism based on the force of gravity.


DESIGN Gabriele Centazzo


  • textured surfaces enhance tactile experiences
  • rounded door and worktop edges for more safety and cleaning ease


  • glass doors can be customised by means of a special inlay technique
  • laminates are extremely water, heat and steam resistant
  • the lightest lacquered door in the world means longer lasting hinges
  • all the materials must pass strict quality tests before being approved


  • the first kitchen with an aluminium door structure that supports “pure”, non-bonded, materials
  • the first kitchen in the world with a door in layered laminate covered with wood and aluminium
  • the first kitchen with a door fitted with a rubber soft-close seal


Doors and side panels, tower unit doors: Distressed Brass – new
Linea top, H14 top and island doors: polished Antalya Grey stone – new
New Logica System and Logica Celata doors, island top: gloss Cocoa glass
Breakfast bar: Old Oak
Logica Celata top: Aged Stainless Steel – new
Logica Celata special shelving units: Tactile Walnut