Freedom is the most important thing in life – freedom to evolve, to adapt, to experience new ways, new cultures, new people.Freedom to create, freedom to explore oneself. Technology helps in our search for freedom.However, we all need a reference point, a warm place, a place to move around in and explore. And in the end, any journey takes us back home.


I am always on the move. I love changing styles, colours, landscapes, my vision of the world. I travel light and my only luggage is my experience.


Nothing relaxes me more than cooking for family and friends. It has always been a pleasure, the best way to gather those I love around me. 

García Cumini

García Cumini was born out of the meeting of two cultures – Italian and Spanish, where creativity, beauty and joie de vivre are fundamental values. The company was launched in 2012 combining the experiences of Vicente García Jiménez and Cinzia Cumini. Two complementary personalities, at work and in life, the two designers have built their philosophy on the concept of Slow Design. They have a holistic approach to design, devoting time and energy to careful research and analysis. They take time to understand the lifestyle of clients who will be using their products and analyse for technical innovations and production processes in order to fully understand and exploit their potential. The result are shapes and objects designed to last, preserving the balance between emotion and function, art and technology, intuition and careful design.

PORTRAIT ONE – Vernacular gentility

Nothing is more invigorating than gathering together strong and confident personalities, all with different intellects, and watching them converse while you try to guess the deep bond that binds them.

Compart open compartment in Rovere Corvino.
Maxima 2.2 tall unit with lacquered Shaker doors with metallic effect, Acciaio Ossidato finish.
Metal foot with polished Nickel finish.
Nero Marquinia marble madia top.

PORTRAIT TWO – Everyday museum

Art should not be a luxury – it should be around us every day, surprising us with new and unexpected emotions.

Eero handle in Laguna and Champagne brass. The design of the “D” handle is distinguished by its edge that gives the impression of almost its thickness.
The structure of Unit raises the whole island above floor level. The shaped edges make it slimmer and taller, creating a soft volume.
The combination of the Noce Canaletto finish of the tall units and the Fumo colour of the carcass is enhanced by the Champagne brass finish of the Eero handles. The design of the “D” handle is distinguished by its edge that gives the impression of almost eliminating its thickness.
The light and airy volume of Unit is supported by a matt lacquered aluminium structure. The curve of the external radius of the structure blends in with the profile, that is also in aluminium, and ends with the precious and practical, adjustable Champagne brass foot. The contrast between the matt finish of the structure and the shiny foot gives the layout a distinctive appeal.

PORTRAIT THREE – Creative harmony

I have learned to live more freely.
To feel the world around me, to adapt to it with joy.

An interesting single-block look for this lightweight island with a generous 240cm wide gap below the island that suspends the composition. The compact dishwasher is perfectly integrated in the island.
Unit cancels sharp edges.

PORTRAIT FOUR – Metropolitan energy

When I take a decision, I do not change my mind.
Being true to oneself is always the right choice to make.

Detail of the four millimetres thick stainless steel worktop.