Life is change. Every day I face choices and events that help to define who I am. Whilst evolving, I remain faithful to my idea of self, a dream perhaps from many years ago in which I was happy, able to appreciate beauty in all its forms and to celebrate its purity.


I am never satisfied. There is always room for improvement, a detail, a different point of view, a deeper emotion. 


We need discipline in order to meet our full potential.  Being able to focus on what is important is our first Step towards discovering what we really want. 


When I am happy I feel light.As if it were always summer, as if I had all the time in the world to be and to dream.

PORTRAIT ONE – Peaceful wild

The strength of an emotion is in its spontaneity, in the energy it can create within us. 

The worktop’s textured Dekton Kelya finish enhances the colour scheme of the whole project and highlights the very thicknesses of the top.

Additional open storage is offered by fitting the Trilli units in the top.

The open compartment of the Rovere Termocotto arrangement is coordinated with the island’s worktop by means of its Dekton Kelya back and side panels.

PORTRAIT TWO – Welcome lightness

As time passes I understand that differences should not be removed but put together again in a better way.

Mat stainless steel bowl integrated in the worktop. Worktop with 30° edge finish.

The wall-hung tall units in structured Laguna mortar and the 30° edged doors. Here they are paired with rovere natural shelves with tapered edges.

PORTRAIT THREE – Everlasting memory

Tradition gives me confidence, it adds a sense of time gone by to a beauty born to be admired.

Ceramic door combined with a titanio finish Frame to make the Frame grip edging. Rovere bruno faced carcass side panel together with internal accessories for drawers and jumbo drawer in solid dark oak.

PORTRAIT FOUR – Open technology

I do not like to plan my future.
I embrace the future with a smile.

The stainless steel of the base units is paired rovere bruno melamine carcass. For utmost space exploitation and to accommodate highly professional appliances, the tall units sizes are compatible with USA appliances.

The framing element with tall units conceals a real kitchen Inside it that can be composed depending on the modules chosen and fitted with appliances, worktops, wall units or shelves.

PORTRAIT FIVE – Architect’s dream

I like empty spaces, silence, the absence of distraction.
Only then is my imagination free to roam.

The white volume of the silk-effect, lacquered tall units is rhythmically divided by the vertical grip recesses between the doors with Step grip edgings.

The versatility of the Cesar system makes it possible to create arrangements that extend beyond the kitchen: the wall units – in etched cenere glass with push-to-open doors – are an excellent idea for the living room too.

PORTRAIT SIX – Easy chic

To live without worries?
It might be seen as reckless but sometimes it can be an enlightened route to wisdom.

The bronzite melamine finish gives the layout a warm, cosy and elegant appeal combined with silk-effect light bianco lacquer and the pietra brown laminate of the worktop.

PORTRAIT SEVEN – Family shelter

A warm bug is better than a thousand words.
Nothing will make us feel more confident in ourselves and our loved ones.

The texture and technology of the two melamine finishes resina deserto and ossido zinco recreate a highly realistic finish.

Detail : L-shaped recess opening.