I look for the essentials in all things. By learning to be minimalist and selective, I have found new spaces in my life. Once all that is superfluous and ephemeral is removed, what remains are the essentials of life. These are destined to last and have a beauty that can be found only in truth and in the purest of emotions.


I need art, in all its forms, it gives me a feeling of eternity. Even if nothing will last as long in my mind as my son’s first child.


There are times when I close my eyes to rediscover the joys of touch. Each material communicates through its own distinct language. We must be patient and listen with our fingers.


When I am happy I like to spend time in silence together with those I love. Joy is a contagious feeling.

PORTRAIT ONE – Living by the ses 

Freedom is my true state of being and this is why I make time to look at the sea and beyond the horizon.
Inox mat steel top with 45° edge and grip recess.

PORTRAIT TWO – Unexpected contrast

I would like people to have more confidence in their own ideas, so as not to borrow from others.

PROTRAIT THREE – Outstanding lightness

I believe being true to oneself is a quality,it’s the foundation of lifelong friendships.
Close -up view of 45° edged door.
Tall unit with straight vertical grip recess and glass shelves.